About Noselab

Our Vision

Our goal is to drive a paradigm shift in diagnosis, understanding and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

The foundation of Noselab is a new proprietary ground-breaking diagnostic platform to detect, assess and classify molecular biomarkers through the analysis of nasal secretion.

This unique diagnostic procedure is complemented with an innovative, data-driven medical approach, enabling comprehensive patient profiling, improving the understanding of the disease, as well as supporting personalized treatment decisions.

Who We Are

We are passionate about enabling patients to enjoy more unburdened years in their lives, supporting caregivers and families, while significantly improving global health economics.

Get to Know Our Team

Noselab was founded by Dr. Mareike Albert and Thomas Heydler in May 2020 in Munich, Germany. We are an interdisciplinary and experienced team with all necessary aspects to drive our vision forward.

Dr. Mareike Albert

Founder & Co-CEO

Thomas Heydler

Founder & Co-CEO

Dr. Nico Brunner


Dr. Heinz Oehl


Arno Schäpe


Dr. Maria Babu

Scientific Writing

Gabriele Baur

Study Coordination

Susanna Füchtenbusch

Regulatory Affairs

Gohar Heydenreich

Team Assistance

Anna Hoess

Marketing & Operations

Dipl.-Biol. Stefan Kotschote

Clinical Lab

Dr. Sabine Mertzig

Product Management

Dr. Richard Metzler

Software Development

PD Dr. med. Marion San Nicoló

Clinical Development

Daniel Schoblocher

IT Operations

Dr. Hilary Wunderlich



Our team is complemented by an outstanding advisory team, made of renowned scientific and industrial experts.

Prof. Dr. Alexander Berghaus

Former Director of ENT Department, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

Dr. Martin Brusdeilins

Former Executive at Roche Diagnostics, Ortho Clinical Diagnostics, Tecan Group

Prof. Roxana Carare, MD

Professor of Clinical Neuro­anatomy, Head of School of Clinical and Experimental Sciences, University of Southampton
Secretary British Neuro­pathological Society

Prof. Dr. Lutz Frölich

Head of Department for Geronto­psychiatry, Central Institute of Mental Health Mannheim (CIMH)

Dr. Klaus Hallermayer

Former Scientific Director at Roche Diagnostics

Dr. Peter Kaspar

Former Board Member of bioMérieux, Executive at Roche Diagnostics and Chairman of the Noselab Supervisory Board

Prof. Dr. Oliver Peters

Head of Memory Clinic, Senior Physician Clinic for Psychiatry and Psycho­therapy, Charité Berlin

Prof. Dr. Dr. Manfred Uhr

Head of Clinical Laboratory, Head of Core Unit Analytics and Mass Spectronomy, Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry Munich

Prof. Dr. Jens Wiltfang

Director of Department of Psychiatry and Psycho­therapy, University Medical Center Göttingen

Our Network

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