Diagnostic Platform

A Revolutionary
Diagnostic Approach

Detection and assessment of neurodegenerative diseases based on the analysis of nasal secretion is empowered by our novel ground-breaking diagnostic platform.

In combination with a data driven medicine approach, we enable comprehensive patient profiling, improving the understanding of the disease, as well as supporting personalized treatment decisions.

Our Solution

A Ground-Breaking Test

Our diagnostic platform consists of an easy-to-handle nasal secretion collection tool (nosecollect®), a consistent analytical solution combined with a proprietary software solution for calibration and reporting.


nosecollect® is an easy-to-handle medical device kit developed to ensure quick collection of high-quality nasal secretion from the vicinity of the brain-nose interface using a methodology that is less painful and less risky for patients compared to an invasive lumbar puncture. This tool is designed for medically trained personnel and enables the collection of specimens in daily clinical routine.


nosetest is a portfolio of diagnostic tests. Our first diagnostic test is nosetestAD® targeting Alzheimer’s Disease. In the long run we want to apply our method to other neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and many others. A panel of highly specific disease-centric biomarkers will form the foundation for each of those disease-specific tests.

Noselab’s diagnostic platform and growing portfolio of tests will transform the detection, understanding and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. lt can be applied throughout the entire course of the disease, starting from screening, which can potentially detect pre-symptomatic cases, to diagnosis and monitoring in clinical practice as well as clinical research and development.

Data Driven Medicine

From Clinical Data to Personalized Treatment

Utilizing the power of data to improve diagnosis and therapy of neurodegenerative diseases. Noselab is developing a growing database of curated clinical data to provide deeper insights to diagnosis, treatment and disease management for better patient outcomes.

Multi-Modal & Real-World Evidence Clinical Data

An individual’s specific setup, based on genotype, phenotype, environment and lifestyles, requires a detailed understanding of individual profiles to tailor optimal personalized solutions for:

Noselab Services

Noselab will offer a range of data services, including its diagnostic service to match a biological proteomics profile, based on the analysis of nasal secretion with a large variety of clinical data to support medical decisions. Those services can be applied in the fields of:
Patient Profiling
Clinical Trial Matching and Recruiting
Translational Science
Biomarker Discovery
Companion Diagnostic Development
Disease Management
AI Application Development

Noselab is rapidly expanding its network of clinical data collaborations to broaden its offering in the field of data driven medicine.