Lisbon, Portugal – March 05, 2024 – Noselab GmbH, a pioneering force in diagnostic breakthrough technology, is proud to announce its participation in the highly anticipated 2024 AD/PD Conference in Lisbon, Portugal. Building on its recent success at the 2023 16th Clinical Trials on Alzheimer’s Disease (CTAD 2023) Conference, where Noselab unveiled the company’s groundbreaking diagnostic platform, Noselab is poised to make a significant impact at this premier event focused on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease research.

The AD/PD Conference serves as a global platform for researchers, clinicians, and industry leaders to collaborate and exchange insights on the latest advancements in neurodegenerative diseases. As a key player in this field, Noselab is committed to leveraging its revolutionary diagnostic platform to transform disease diagnosis, staging, and therapy monitoring for patients with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Thomas Heydler, CEO of Noselab GmbH, expressed his enthusiasm for the company’s participation: “Following our successful presentation at CTAD 2023 and the BioCapital Europe Investor Conference, we are thrilled to showcase our innovative diagnostic platform at the prestigious AD/PD Conference. Our unique approach, which analyzes nasal Cerebro-Spinal Fluid (nCSF) biomarkers, has the potential to revolutionize the way we diagnose and manage neurodegenerative diseases (ND), with a first focus in Alzheimer’s Disease.”

Noselab’s revolutionary diagnostic platform targets the detection, assessment, and classification of molecular biomarkers through the analysis nasal CSF (nCSF) analysis. Through this proprietary non-invasive diagnostic sampling method, conducted through the nose, coupled with innovative laboratory techniques and comprehensive data analysis, Noselab aims to empower clinicians and researchers with invaluable insights into disease progression and personalized treatment decisions.

Heinz Oehl, COO of Noselab GmbH, emphasized the company’s dedication supporting the AD/PD research- and clinical-community by advancing diagnostic innovation: “We are excited about the program welcoming remarks on March 5th, 2024, titled “Progress in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease Research: A Fireside Chat with Michael J. Fox and Ronald S. Lauder”. This fireside chat provided inspiration, focus and purpose from two prominent role-models and supporters of the research in neurodegenerative diseases.

As Parkinson’s disease advocate, Michael J. Fox has demonstrated unwavering dedication to supporting research efforts in Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s. Through his foundation, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, he has raised millions of dollars to fund innovative research projects aimed at finding better treatments and ultimately a cure for these debilitating diseases. His passion and advocacy serve as a beacon of hope for patients and researchers alike, further fueling also Noselab’s commitment to advancing neurodegenerative disease research.

Our participation in the AD/PD Conference underscores Noselab’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of diagnostic technologies as part of the scientific community and to improve therapeutic- and diagnostic options and outcomes of patient with neurodegenerative diseases, eventually.”

During its presence at the AD/PD Conference, Noselab is presenting a scientific poster highlighting its latest research findings and advancements in nCSF-based diagnostics development. Attendees are encouraged to visit Noselab’s booth to learn more about the company’s revolutionary diagnostic platform and its potential applications in neurodegenerative diseases.

Learn more about Noselab GmbH and its revolutionary diagnostic platform.

Noselab GmbH is a leading innovator in diagnostic breakthrough technology, specializing in the early detection and management of neurodegenerative diseases. Leveraging its revolutionary diagnostic platform, which analyzes nasal Cerebro-Spinal Fluid (CSF) biomarkers, Noselab aims to transform disease diagnosis, staging, and therapy monitoring to improve patient outcomes. As a member of the Munich Bio-M cluster, Noselab collaborates with leading experts and institutions to drive innovation and foster collaboration in biomedical research and development.

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